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In selecting our bulls we favour yellow coloured ones as they tend to produce the diversity of colours the Tuli is known for i.e. various shades of Red & Yellow and also white. We are also tending towards polled and/or scurred bulls as they generally produce polled progeny.

Our ultimate aim is to ensure that at least 90% of our progeny are polled animals. Notwithstanding the considerations above, we also believe no good animal should be discriminated against on the basis of its colour or whether or not it is polled. Good animals should always be chosen!


Our Sires


LB 04-0140 Zett

A red bull from a top Lebar line. His sire is LB 99-0140 (U 140) a bull used in the Lebar Stud and well known for producing very good heifers a good number of which were retained in the Lebar Stud. This bull has proven himself to be an effective breeder and is the first Tuli bull that we acquired in 2007. He produces uniform progeny with a beautiful red colour when bred to red or yellow cows. His progeny are light weight at birth buy grow well to weaning. 




LB 05-0064 Brigadier

LB 05-0064 – Brigadier is a compact Tuli bull who was also acquired as a yearling. He carries top genetics. He is the son of the fames Lebar bull LB 97-0029 (S29) and grandson of the great Boomerang Stud bull BG 85-0108. His sire was used till the age of 12 years in the Lebar Stud and also used by the Makera Tuli Stud and he left his stamp on the Tuli breed in Zimbabwe. His first progeny are now on the ground and are a very impressive lot, even at their young age they are packed with beef!


LB 05-0130 Coronel

LB 05-0130 – Coronel is a long beefy bull. If you are looking for size, this is your pick. He is an above average sized bull with scurs and his progeny are of top quality. He was acquired as a yearling bull and has developed into a fine example of the size which Tuli bulls can achieve. He produces uniform calves with good growth from birth to weaning and despite his imposing stature, he is a very docile bull. He was sired by another top Lebar sire – LB 00-78 (V 78) who was also kept in the Lebar stud till the age of 8 and was well known for passing his above normal size to his progeny. 




LB 05-0157 – Lebar A157

LB 05-0157 – Lebar A157 is a bull with excellent conformation and breeds true to type. He was selected and used by the Tuli Cattle Society of Zimbabwe as an AI bull and his genes have been spread in both stud and commercial herds. He was bred by Bryan Harvey and is still very active at almost 10 years of age.


LB 06-0067 Mopani

LB 06-0067 – Mopani is a light yellow bull who was used in the Lebar stud for 2 seasons before we acquired him. His progeny are of the highest quality and a number of his heifer calves and 2009 bull calves had been retained in the Lebar stud. He is the son of one of the Lebar top sires LB 97-0050 (S50) who was used in the Lebar stud till the age of 10 years. This bull is proving to be our top sire, he is an excellent breeder and produces top quality progeny.




 J 07-0221 Major

J 07-0221 – Major is the first Jambo bloodline used in our herd. He showed tremendous growth from birth through to becoming a yearling. He shows very good size for his age and his progeny also grow well and are generally above average. 


J 08-0279 Tokwana

J 08-0279 – Tokwana is a large frame Tuli bull (reaching 750kg at three and a half years!) and comes from a very fertile dam. He has a good mix of Jambo, Lebar and Donnington genetics. His progeny are now on the ground and it is clear that he has passed on his size to both male and female offspring. To date he has produced well over 120 calves, most of which have been retained in our stud herd.




LB 08-0049 – Lebar D49 Siyaphambili

LB 08-0049 – Siyaphambili is a return to the origins of the Tuli. He is one of only 3 bulls sired by a Bull from the Matopos Research Station where the Mother Herd of the Tuli was transferred to in the late 70s. We are proud to have his genes which were isolated from the development of the rest of the Tuli herd in Zimbabwe. His sire GU 97-2279 is from the Guyu bloodline bred out of Jambo and Guyu genetics. His progeny are now on the ground and are very impressive. We look forward to him producing many more progeny in our herd in future.


J 08-0337 Masendu

J 08-0337 – This bull has a beautiful ivory colour with good pigmentation. He is a compact bull full of beef and with good temperament and conformation. He has already realized his potential as he settled 95% of the heifers he bred with. His progeny are of good quality and we really like what we see so far.




MMN 10-0018 Masingita F18

This is a bull of our own breeding who has consistently outperformed his contemporaries from the day he was born. He was born in December 2010 from a very fertile dam who has produced 6 out of 7 calves. This bull is being used for the first time in the 2012/13 breeding season on some heifers and cows. He is a very well balanced bull that is masculine, well muscled, has good depth, wonderful conformation and has been grown out mainly on the veld. He has produced over 80 progeny to date and his calves are all early maturing as shown by the fact that he produced 30 heifer calves in 2014 and 20 of these took the bull at 14-17 months of age.


J 11-0609 Tara

J 11-0609 Tara – This ivory coloured bull has excellent growth figures and has fertility written all over him. He is out of Jambo 07-0235 whose progeny sold well at the 2012 and 2013 National Bull Sales. His paternal grand dam produced 13 calves out of 13 pregnancies and his maternal grand dam also has excellent fertility records. His female ancestors on average have ICPs below 390 days over long productive lives and we look forward to seeing the progeny that he will produce.




MMN 12-0063 – Masingita H63

This is a son of Jambo 337 above and was used for the first time in our herd in the 2014 breeding season as a 2 year old. He was also given 35 heifers in a 75 day breeding season in Jan 2016 and 33 of them are pregnant and due to calve at the end of 2016. He is a bull with good conformation, libido, masculinity and so far his progeny are promising. He has grown out well and now weighs over 700kg. His compact frame means that he does not lose condition easily which is an excellent trait as it makes him a low maintenance bull.


MMN 11-0008 Masingita G8

MMN 11-0008  – This is a son of LB 04-0140 Zett above and was used for the first time in our herd in the 2013 breeding season as a 2 year old. His growth rate from birth to 2 years was excellent and he has a good set of nuts on him. He is a tall rangy bull who currentlu weighs over 750kg.





HCC12-0049 – Zimbo H49

This is the first Zimbo bull that we have used in our herd. We purchased him from the Mukono project where he outshone nearly all the Tuli bulls in terms of ADG. He was used for the first time in our herd in 2014 and he has already shown his prepotency. We look forward to him producing fast growing progeny for us.


MMN 13-0032 Masingita I32

MMN 13-0032  – This ivory bull is a son of Lebar A130 above. He is a«out of a very fertile cow and unlike his sire, he is a compact bull with good bone to meat ratio. He is very masculine and will be used in the herd for the first time in the 2016 breeding season. We look forward to him adding meat in our herd.